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Student Life

Alum Brings Weird Snapchat Game Show To Penn State Tailgates

"How Low Will You Go" is a reverse auction show that pits two contestants against each other to make them complete embarrassing tasks.


10 Questions With Student Fee Board Chair Tyler Akers

Akers is one of four representatives from UPUA on the Fee Board and also serves as chair of UPUA's Student Life Committee.


Penn State Love Stories: A Fateful Swipe Right

A fateful right swipe made all the difference for two Penn Staters who have Tinder to thank for their engagement.

Student Intern Plays Crucial Role In Creating ‘White Out’ Creamery Flavor

Abigail Rule tested more than 20 different potential White Out flavors before settling on the popcorn flavor.

Gene Rockey To Retire After 31 Years At Penn State

Gene Rockey -- an employee in Copy Services for the past 26 years -- will retire this week after more than 30 years of service to Penn State.

Student Life

Friday Night Lights Out Cuts Penn State’s Energy Usage

As part of an initiative that began 12 years ago, groups of students take time out of their Friday evenings to walk around campus and turn off lights left on in empty classrooms.

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