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Jegla Lab Emphasizes Evolution In Study Of The Nervous System

Dr. Timothy Jegla studies the evolution of the nervous system to better understand which human nerve cells are ancestral.

10 Questions With ABTS Executive Director Jake Griggs

"My main job personally is to keep in contact with the student body presidents when we're working on initiatives, kind of collaborate between them."

Political Rival Roommates Prove An Apartment Divided Can Stand, After All

This year is the first time in recent history both College Democrats and College Republicans have had a female president at the same time.

Girirajan Lab Seeks To Bridge The Gap Between Fly And Human Genomes

The lab uses a combination of human genomics, computational biology, and functional studies, using Drosophila and human cell lines, to understand the risks caused by genetic mutations and to grasp how gene disruption leads to altered neurodevelopment.

Penn State Football’s Offensive Line A Strength Heading Into New Season

"I'm really just looking forward to the consistency that those guys are going to bring. The competition within that room that is going to allow us to be better day-in and day-out."

Penn State Hockey’s Aarne Talvitie Showcases At Devils Development Camp

The Finnish sharpshooter looked promising at the Devils' 3-on-3 tournament at development camp on Friday morning.

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