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Penn State Alumni Found Reklist To Enhance Streaming Experience

Dan Levy, Lindsay Borgen, and Chris Daly came together to answer a problematic question in the world of online TV and movie streaming — what should I watch next?

Our Best Features From THON 2018

If you were caught in the whirlwind of THON and didn’t experience some of the weekend’s best stories, check out the most-read and shared from Onward State.

Family Hour Reminds Us Why We THON

One day we will dance in celebration. Today, we dance for the families.

Former Line Dance Leader Julia Magowan Swaps Stage For BJC Floor, Dances In THON 2018

Former Dancer Wellness Captain Julia Magowan is experiencing THON from a different perspective this year: as a dancer.

Blue Sapphire Rachel Reiss Dances & Performs At THON

Rachel Reiss is known for the dazzling baton twirling skills she displays before ever home football game. Now, she’s dancing on the floor at THON 2018.

Former Bachelorette Contestant James McCoy Taylor Performs At THON

James McCoy Taylor brought a little country music to THON in his first trip to Happy Valley.

The New Feel Makes An Impact On THON Weekend For A Fourth Consecutive Year

Though The New Feel didn’t get a chance to perform at THON as a whole this weekend, its members are still making an impact by donating all proceeds from their new single to the Four Diamonds Fund.

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