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LionTutors Can Help You Make The Grade

LionTutors offers review sessions for a variety of major required courses, including CHEM 110, ECON 102, PHYS 211, and plenty more. They understand what students need to know and where they'll need to know it.

Happy Valley Eats For Goods Provides Mega Deals For Students And Residents

"If you can invent a way to create public recognition for companies to give back, I think this is a multimillion dollar market," McCarthy said. "And I used to do it with mini golf passes." Introduces State College’s Most Comprehensive Apartment Guide

StateCollege.Com has a search engine that will make your housing hunt easier.

Nittany Notes: Once A Gift, Now Penn State’s Premier Study Aid

It started as a gift in 1987. Over 25 years later, Nittany Notes is still alive, and it’s now the town’s most prodigious note providing service, employing 200 students and offering notes and practice exams for some 325 courses.

Food Services and Hospitality Services at Penn State

Penn State Campus Dining and Hospitality Services Offer Great Employment Opportunities for Students

You are finally moved into your place and ready for your Fall semester at Penn State. So, what’s next? One of the first things on your list should be securing a job, and one of the best places to do that is right on campus. No matter your area of study, working for Campus Dining or Hospitality Services at Penn State provides great benefits. Not only do their positions provide students job experience and vital professional skills that future employers find essential, but they also work around your class schedule and Penn State sponsored clubs and activities.

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