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State Judge Rules Against NCAA’s Plea for Privilege

It’s apparently going to be harder for the National Collegiate Athletic Association to keep certain conversations out of the public eye.

President Barron Pledges to Review Freeh Report

President Barron was supposed to address the media after Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting about a “very important” subject, according to the public relations people. Because the meeting went long — the longest in the last several years, in fact — Barron was unable to make the promised press row visit. It is now clear what exactly Barron intended to discuss.

NCAA Attempts to Justify Consent Decree Process

Today, the NCAA responded by putting up a new page on its website aimed at clarifying the Penn State consent decree, calling the last two weeks of hits a “misleading impression,” daring the lawsuit brought by State Senator Jake Corman to trial.

Matt Sandusky Takes New Approach to Child Sex Abuse Prevention

Matt Sandusky’s foundation, the Peaceful Heart Foundation has recently partnered with Darkness to Light. Together, the two aim to encourage victims to come forward and educate about the dangers of child sex abuse.

NCAA Asks for Judgement, Says Penn State Wasn’t Under Duress

The NCAA is getting in the email game this week, filing a motion for summary judgement (i.e. asking the court to rule in its favor sans trial based on the merits of the facts) based on the fact that Penn State willingly entered into the NCAA consent decree.

ESPN’s Outside The Lines Discusses Paterno Legacy

“We want the truth and that’s all we’ve ever maintained from day one,” Paterno said. “Because of the litigation on a lot of different fronts that’s facing the NCAA, they’re now being forced to produce documents and we’re starting to get the truth and see that the story they put out initially is not what really happened.”

New Emails Show NCAA Helped Freeh In Investigation

A new 110-page filing by State Senator Jake Corman this morning shows that the NCAA was in regular communication with the Freeh group during the Penn State investigation, even recommending search terms and questions for Freeh to use during its inquiry.

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