PA Auditor General To Audit Penn State

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced Tuesday he will begin an audit of Penn State, reviewing governance changes, reforms since the Sandusky scandal, and efforts to control tuition. Auditors will track Penn State’s implementation of recommendations given by the Auditor General in a November 2012 special report and check the university’s compliance with background check requirements for employees.

“Nearly five years have passed since the news broke about Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children,” DePasquale said in a press release. “Through this audit, we will test the university’s implementation of new policies and procedures intended to prevent sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.”

The audit will also include an evaluation of changes to Penn State’s Board of Trustees, related to transparency and accountability in the functions of the Board, which was highly criticized for its proceedings throughout the Sandusky scandal fallout.

“Parents and students at Penn State, and all colleges and universities for that matter, are grappling with how to pay for higher education,” DePasquale said of auditing efforts to control tuition. “Controlling spending is key to keeping tuition costs reigned in, and such expenditure monitoring is especially important for a taxpayer-supported institution such as Penn State.”

The audit will include all university activity from January 1, 2013 through the end of auditing.

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