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Nearly 300 Lettermen Write ‘Paterno’ Would Be Libelous If JoePa Were Still Alive

Levinson takes shameless liberties about the Sandusky scandal and Joe’s knowledge of it that would certainly be proven libelous if Joe were alive today.


Why I Won’t Watch HBO’s Paterno Movie

HBO has ensured the resurfacing of a heated debate between Penn State and everyone else. As per usual, we will be given no legitimate voice.

Sandusky Scandal

‘Paterno’ Offers Suface-Level Assessment Of Culpability

"Paterno" ultimately isn't as damning of Joe or the family as anticipated, but it fails to impart any new perspective on the events it portrays.

Sandusky Scandal

A Review Of Inaccuracies In HBO’s ‘Paterno’

A few of "Paterno"'s inaccuracies jumped off the screen to our staff in the fictional version of Happy Valley.


[Live Blog] Twitter Reacts To ‘Paterno’

After years of planning and polarizing hype, HBO's Paterno is here. Thanks to modern technology, Twitter serves as an open forum of opinions, especially during controversial premieres of films. 

Sandusky Scandal

Critics Give ‘Paterno’ Mixed Review Ahead Of Premiere

Nearly every major national media outlet has published its review of HBO's "Paterno" biopic ahead of its premiere, but there's no overwhelming consensus on the movie, which runs less than two hours.

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