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Sandusky Scandal

PA Supreme Court Denies Graham Spanier’s Appeal

“No one is above the law, and my office will continue to pursue anyone who looks the other way in the face of child sexual abuse. There are consequences for failing to protect children in Pennsylvania," Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

Sandusky Scandal

A Look Back At The Release Of The Freeh Report

The trustees' report claims Louis Freeh, with the help of New York public relations firm Kekst, strategically released the report in a way designed "to produce the greatest media impact and to reduce the ability of reporters to fully vet the 267-page report."

Sandusky Scandal

Freeh Report Cherry Picked Preconceived Findings, Trustees’ Leaked Report Claims

Monday night's leaked review of the "Freeh Report" commissioned by seven members of the university's Board of Trustees detailed perceived bias from investigators and the type of interview methodology that lacked thorough findings regarding Penn State's culpability in the Sandusky scandal.


Trustees’ Report On Freeh Report Flaws Leaked

The report from the small group of trustees rejects the Freeh Report, saying Freeh "did not fulfill his obligation to conduct an independent and comprehensive investigation."


Jerry Sandusky Denied New Trial, Will Be Re-Sentenced

The case will now be sent back to Centre County for re-sentencing without minimum mandatory terms.


Penn State Added $7.5 Million To Sandusky Scandal Costs In 2017-18

Six years after Jerry Sandusky was convicted on child sexual abuse charges, Penn State is still paying out millions of dollars in settlements and other expenses related to the case.

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