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Prof. Sarah Rice & Prof. Chris Reed. Pattee Library.
Prof. Sarah Rich & Prof. Chris Reed. Pattee Library.
Teaching us about more than Art History and Visual Culture (respectively).

Mary Wallace.  On Willard Steps.
Mary Wallace. Outside Willard.
A color to match the personality. Timely, too.

Jake and Mary.  College Ave.
Jake and Mary. College Ave.
Sour arm candy and a matching bicycle – perfect accessories.

Senora Alexandra DeArmas.  Outside McElwain Hall.
Senora DeArmas. Outside McElwain.
Casual yet classy. Canvas yet far from Steve Irwin.

Tom.  Pollock Road.
Tom. Pollock Road.
Who knew dressing down a suit could look so cool? The cigarette is icing on the cake.


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  1. this is so weird and creepy, but I found your blog due to the girl talk post on nov 20th and i was almost certainly sitting next to you guys in the computer lab when you were looking at these photos deciding what to post. great job on the blog, i’m really enjoying the posts! ps: hope you’re not creeped out?