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Hijacking The Virus: The Schmitt Laboratory

Tony and Phuong Schmitt started a virology lab at Penn State in 2005. Their work focuses on the medical capabilities of the virus, and how to use infectious mechanisms to distribute useful proteins to cells.


Penn State Love Stories: A White Out Proposal Live On College GameDay

Despite Penn State's soul-crushing loss to Ohio State a little less than two weeks ago, White Out weekend wasn't all bad for one pair of alumni.


The ‘Irish Messi’: Aaron Molloy’s Trans-Atlantic Odyssey

Penn State men's soccer's midfield maestro has made his mark on American soccer.

Student Life

[Video] Happy Valley LARP: Medieval Combat Club Battles On Old Main Lawn

Denuvald Dagorhir is the local realm of avid LARPers in State College. And Old Main is its battleground every Sunday.

Student Life

Alum Brings Weird Snapchat Game Show To Penn State Tailgates

"How Low Will You Go" is a reverse auction show that pits two contestants against each other to make them complete embarrassing tasks.


10 Questions With Student Fee Board Chair Tyler Akers

Akers is one of four representatives from UPUA on the Fee Board and also serves as chair of UPUA's Student Life Committee.

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