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about 2 years ago

Nebraska Coach’s Prayers One Year Later

Almost a year after he led the on-field prayer in the first game without Joe Paterno, Nebraska’s assistant coach, Ron Brown says he’s praying for Jerry Sandusky. In an interview after Nebraska’s win over Penn State on Saturday, Brown who is known as being a devout Christian, made headlines when he said that he spent most of Saturday “praying for Jerry Sandusky” and hoping that “the Lord would reach down and touch Sandusky’s life.”

“No matter how atrocious the sin was or how little it was, it’s a failure before God. God is willing to forgive every sin,” Brown said.

Last year, Brown was standing the center of the Penn State and Nebraska players, leading them in prayer as the stadium fell silent. It was to be the start of a very long healing process, a step away from the media, and a kind gesture from the opposing team. In the on-field prayer, Brown asks that Beaver Stadium and State College be protected.

Brown has garnered attention before for his conservative positions on religious based social issues. He stirred up some controversy earlier this year when he was quoted as saying, “Based on the Bible, homosexuality, the lifestyle of homosexuality, is a sin.”

What are your thoughts? Should an employee of a public university be making statements like these? Let us know in the comments.

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