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about 2 years ago

Music Monday: Songs to Spread Holiday Cheer

Music Monday

It’s December, and that means we’ll all be inundated with Christmas music soon enough. For this week’s Music Monday, the Onward State staff mixed things up a bit. Instead of focusing on five songs, this week we’re focusing on a large mix of songs for your upcoming ugly Christmas sweater parties, and to help get everybody into the holiday spirit. Don’t be a Grinch¬†–¬†break out the eggnog, and put some cheer in your life!

Let’s start off with the classics. These are Christmas staples played in everyone’s household, and are the songs that can warm even the smallest of hearts this holiday season. These are the songs and albums that you want to listen to when making Christmas cookies, or even decorating your humble abode. This list of songs also includes one of the best Christmas duets ever sung. If you don’t tear up or get goosebumps listening to these songs, something is terribly wrong with you.

Next up are the songs for the children at heart. These are the fun songs from popular television shows and movies, or songs kids learn pretty quickly. Whenever you hear them, you instantly become five again, reliving the memories of what it was like to be a kid anxiously waiting for Christmas. They also are the songs that you sang ad nauseum over and over again until somebody told you to shut up.

What do guilty pleasures, boybands, bubblegum pop, crazy outfits, and Christmas have in common? They’re all nostalgic songs that you still jam to today. Don’t lie, we know you faithfully break out the *NSYNC Christmas album each year and have singalongs! These songs are meant for the babies of the 80s and 90s, and okay, early 2000s too!

The following group of songs are songs by popular artists in today’s day and age. They are more modern takes on traditional songs, but nonetheless still enjoyable. Some of these songs also feature some pretty awesome music videos that are definitely worth watching.

Finally, we have songs meant purely for entertainment and laughs. Did you know William Hung made a Christmas album? How about Sufjan Stevens penning a 12-minute Christmas song that includes elements from Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart?” These are the songs not meant to be taken seriously, so it’s advised that you not play these songs around your relatives, unless they have a great sense of humor!

If you are too lazy to make a Christmas playlist, check out the Spotify playlist below. It includes songs on this list, as well as full Christmas albums that almost made this list.

Are there any songs that you enjoy listening to over the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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