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about 2 years ago

Sig Pi: 8th Best Frat House in the Country

sig pi

If you’re a frequent flyer in FratLand, you’re probably pretty familiar with the “pretty on the outside, littered-with-Natty-Cans-and-reeking-of-vomit-and-urine-and-something-else-unidentifiable-but-assuredly-disgusting on the inside” quality expected of any given bro-home down toward Fairmount. However, next time you walk down Fraternity Row, make a stop at 303 and marvel at this famous frat house.

That’s right. Penn State’s Sigma Pi was ranked the eighth best frat house in the entire country by Bro Bible.

“It features 34 bedrooms, a fenced in solarium area accessible from the second floor which is great for drinking during good weather, a private brothers’ bar, grand room, and a chapter room featuring laser cut astrological signs into the floor tiles,” Brian, a Sig Pi bro. “Also, we boast Penn State’s largest front porch, which is great for tailgates and hanging out.”

All true. Not just your average functional frat home, but gorgeous to boot. Seriously, just look at this architectural beauty.

Shout-out to all of the pledges who I’m sure had to hang up these Christmas lights before break. I bet it was a bitch, but it sure looked cool.

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