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about a year ago

New Dating Website Focuses on Alumni Status

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If that guy in your GenEd class didn’t work out, your Tinder isn’t bringing up good matches, or you think finding a perfect match at Penn State is impossible, you may have another option.

Datemyschool.com is an relatively new online dating website that focuses on connecting alumni of various colleges and universities to, well, date. Like any dating website, you filter settings like gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, and faith, but the focus is on your alumni status. Users are required to use an official university-issued .edu email address to sign up. This effectively eliminates the creepy guy at the bar who says he goes to Penn State but is actually enrolled at the Newport Business Institute.

The service promises “no weirdos, no classmates, no relatives, no stalkers, no colleagues, and no Facebook.”

If you’re looking for a PSU male companion, you have over 60 profiles to choose from, but if you are looking for a female partner, you only have two options. I can only assume those two will be having a good time in the next few weeks (Awkward State and Mounting Nittany perhaps?)

It’s quite the business model, too. If you click on another user’s profile, the profile owner will know that you viewed the page unless you upgrade your account and pay a fee. You can just call it the “pay-to-stalk” model.

The sign-up process takes one-click. All you will need is a college email account and you can start building your profile from there.

Are you excited yet? Here is a recent sampling of some of the comments recently posted by Date My School users:

  • “Thunderbuddies needed.” (Note: plural)
  • “Ladies: would you date a dude who did voice impressions or do y’all think he is just acting an ass?”
  • “So, I hit a turkey vulture on my way home. gonna get started peeling the SOB off my windshield. who wants turkey sandwiches?lol”
  • “What makes a man handsome? It seems that every girl has a different definition, so please feel free to share your opinion! haha”
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