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about 4 months ago

Pizza Heaven Owner ‘Just Likes Making Pizza’

There are many pizza places in State College, but Pizza Heaven onĀ 1101 N. Atherton St. might be the most unique. The shop only has one employee in owner, cook, cashier, cleaner, and everything in between Tom Gibson, making him the de facto “Pizza God”.

“I just like making pizza,” Gibson said. “I made pizza in college, I made pizza out of college, and after working so long, I realized making pizza was all I liked to do.”

The shop is just far away from campus that it gets a big mixture of townspeople and students. The best part about Pizza Heaven is its diversity, and Gibson will make anything you want, thin or thick, tossed or pan.

“You can order any type of pizza that’s on your mind,” Gibson said. “Anything you’ve had, as long as you can describe it to me, you can order it here.”

It’s a precarious time for Pizza Heaven, though. CVS just bought the building and will be moving in this spring, leaving Gibson unsure of where to go next.

“I hope I’m around,” Gibson said. “I will be making pizza somewhere local here, we just gotta find a spot. If it takes a couple months before I have a new place, it will, and I’ll be back.”

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