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about 9 months ago

Sororities Not Allowed Guests for State Patty’s Day Weekend


As part of the annual State Patty’s Day crackdown, the Panhellenic Council announced a no-guest policy for sorority floors during State Patty’s Day weekend this year. The council voted in favor of the “No Guest Policy” at last night’s meeting.

This initiative was created because of the large role visitors play in the State Patty’s Day weekend shenanigans. The executive board hopes this initiative will keep members safe during the weekend.

“A no-visitor policy on the sorority floors shows that Panhellenic women are taking a stance against this ‘holiday.’ This is the first time that such a policy has been implemented within the Panhellenic Community,” PHC President Meaghan DeMallie said. “Instead of taking part in an event that is so detrimental to Penn State, the Panhellenic community has collectively decided that we would rather make a positive impact on our school.”

In collaboration with other student organizations, the PHC is sponsoring the State Day of Service and is expecting to have at least 350 members participate. The PHC is hopeful that other students will follow Panhellenic’s lead to help turn State Patty’s Day, which will be held March 1, into a day Penn State can be proud of.

This PHC decision comes about two months after the Interfraternity Council voted to ban parties during State Patty’s Day weekend. For the past two years, the IFC has voted to restrict partying over State Patty’s Day weekend.

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