The Special Sleeve Penn State’s Quarterbacks Wear To Practice


You may have noticed Penn State’s quarterbacks wearing a special sleeve on their throwing elbow as preseason camp got underway this week.

No, it’s not one of Nike’s popular padded sleeves Trace McSorley sported against Indiana and Rutgers last fall. It’s a technology called motusQB, which tracks various throwing metrics in real time through an app. Check it out in action below.

The Nittany Lions have invested plenty of resources into modernizing the program since James Franklin’s arrival, whether that be million-dollar upgrades to the Lasch Building or smaller-scale changes on the analytics side of things.

Like it or not, the last decade of Joe Paterno’s tenure saw Penn State largely fall behind the college football landscape in terms of implementing the newest breakthroughs. According to the company’s website, the app allows coaches to monitor exactly how many regular and high-effort throws their quarterbacks are making per practice, including acute and chronic workload.

It also creates charts of a player’s data over a series of weeks, noting arm speed, arm slot, shoulder rotation, fingertip velocity, and even elbow valgus torque (whatever that means). Penn State has yet to equip its quarterbacks with helmet cameras like Tennessee and other schools, but it’s nice to see Franklin trying out new concepts in the name of player safety/development.


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