Author Eric Greene

2 A Review: Why We Dance, The Story of THON

Every February it happens. A 46 hour, no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon to celebrate life and hope and to remember those that we have lost to pediatric cancer. “Why We Dance: The Story of THON” is the documentary that followed The Penn State Dance Marathon for an entire year to capture the essence of THON and why it means so much to so many people.

Student Life
21 Seven Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Freshman

Freshman year is a year like no other. A time for mistakes and learning. You don’t want to be too obvious of a freshman though. And you definitely don’t want to be a second year freshman. Unfortunately, some people only graduate to sophomore status via number of credits. These people will still make the same silly mistakes that freshman make. Luckily there are ways to not only mitigate your severe case of freshmanitis early, but also to prevent those late onset symptoms before they happen. Here are the top seven things you can do to avoid looking like a freshman.