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Day: October 11, 2012

Overheard on Twitter: Darren Rovell Loses a Bet FTK

Unlike most celebrities, Rovell actually interacts with his parody account regularly, which can result in some hilarious dialogue. As you can imagine, the Northwestern vs. Penn State football game this past weekend brought the camaraderie to a new level, and the two accounts agreed to a bet: Loser of the game has to change their Twitter avatar for a week to something of the winner's choosing.

Letter from Dottie Sandusky to Judge Cleland

Yesterday, a letter written by Dottie Sandusky to the then-presiding Judge John Cleland was obtained by several media outlets. The letter, dated July 9th, 2012, about three weeks after her husband was found guilty of 45 counts relating to child sexual abuse, is filled with support for her now imprisoned husband.

Sandusky Calls Victims Liars in Letter to Judge

In a letter penned by Jerry Sandusky to Judge Cleland, he did not ask for mercy, he did not ask for leniency, and of course, he did not acknowledge any of the crimes he's been convicted of. Instead, Sandusky denieed his criminal status and claimed that his victims have fabricated and exaggerated their assertions.

The Making Of A Diehard Penn State Football Fan

Just six weeks ago, I was one of the biggest National Football League fans that you would ever meet. There was nothing that excited me more than the prospect of a new football season. I bled green and white as a die-hard New York Jets fan. But over the course of the last six weeks, a revamped Penn State football team led by Bill O'Brien has transformed into a huge college football fan.

A Hater’s Guide to 10 Hipster Scenes in Happy Valley

The following is a list of the ten places around State College where the progressive-thinking, independent, edgy, counter culture collective of “hipsters” seek refuge from the ignorant mainstream gestapo of haters. Find Penn State's most hipster hangouts after the jump.

Debate Drinking Games: Vice Presidential Edition

After last week's Presidential debate, the political climate has only gotten more heated. So we want to chill the fiery rhetoric with some cool drinking games. Or is it warm the icy rhetoric with fiery drinking games? I digress, but check out our five favorite debate drinking games and follow Penn State's commentary on the political showdown on Twitter with the hashtag, #debatePSU.

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