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Behind the away team’s net in Pegula Ice Arena, you can find the Roar Zone, Penn State Hockey’s appropriately named student section. Its steep bleachers and soul-crushing chants help it add to a hostile environment for anyone not wearing blue and white.
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In 2003, the chairman of the College Republicans hosted a Halloween party where one of the guests wore blackface. Members of the Undergraduate Student Government were in attendance, but no one spoke out against a multitude of offensive costumes. When the chairman shared photos of the event on his website, a controversy ignited. And after all this, Penn State still debates if it is permissible for students to use other cultures for their costumes.
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We found out what benefits are entailed with representing Penn State at the Division 1 level.
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Our staff thinks Penn State will come in to this weekend's game with momentum, and walk out of it with a win.
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Image: @DMartinCSN
The Penn State secondary will have a tough task on their hands this Saturday, as they will have to match up against Maryland wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Diggs is one of the most electrifying players that the Nittany Lions will have to face all year. Combining the agility of Tavon Austin, and the versatile playmaking ability of Percy Harvin, Diggs poses a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Let's take a look at what makes Diggs so special.
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bobby chen
Penn State's all-time record against Maryland is 35-1-1. Breaking down the game vs. the Terrapins, by the numbers.
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328-478x580 (1)
We're happy to congratulate two Onward State alumni for their engagement on the Beaver Stadium field.
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Lisa Grayson
We made some easy to follow Penn State pumpkin stencils. Happy carving!
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Don't have a Halloween costume? Never fear, the State College Goodwill is here to help.
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Fall has been in full swing for about a month here in Happy Valley, and that can only mean one thing: The endless mix of cold weather is on the way. It's sad, I know, but it's inevitable. Even worse than winter itself is being unprepared for the season, waking up one day freezing in your bed, and wondering what all that white stuff outside is. We at Onward State have prepared you with some warning signs that the cold is coming.
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Which Wings Over menu item is the best? We've decided to settle the debate and we need your help.
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Going out this Halloween? We have your guide for all of the costume parties and contests going on at the bars this weekend.
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Brandon Rittenhouse
We sat down with next year's Homecoming Executive Director, Brandon Rittenhouse, for 10 Questions.
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Two weeks ago, Snapchat rolled out Our Campus Story to a number of schools, including Penn State. The feed is a user-generated flow of curated content that provides a real-time glimpse into college life. The dos and don'ts of Campus Story should be taken as a sort of ten commandments of Snapchat, but apply most specifically to Penn State.
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Penn State is the home to a vast array of well-known landmarks. There's Beaver Stadium, the Lion Shrine, Old Main, and of course the longest continuously running nuclear university reactor in the United States. Well, maybe that last one isn't on par with the other campus landmarks, but when your university is the home of a Nuclear Historic Landmark, you should probably take notice and appreciate it.
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Bobby Chen
We asked our staff a simple question: Who is your favorite Penn State football player of all time?
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bobby chen whiteout
According to Penn Live, the crowd at Beaver Stadium registered at 111 decibels at the White Out game against Ohio State on Saturday. Eleven Warriors reported that's only five decibels off a thunderclap, and 14 decibels short of when people will feel pain in their ears.
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Blue Band Stock
Ever wonder what it would be like to be on the field during one of Penn State's whiteout games? Wonder no more. Video creator and Blue Band member Kevin Gibson put together an awesome GoPro video giving you an inside look at the Penn State pregame experience. Check out the video here:
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We’ve compiled a list of some of the best spots in town to pick up Halloween digs.
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lion bookstore
If the only time you find yourself at the Penn State Bookstore is when you're picking up textbooks, you're missing out. We took a trip to the store's temporary mobile home on the HUB Lawn to browse the items currently in stock.
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Entering the season, questions surrounded the Nittany Lions' group of wide receivers. A group of freshmen have made those fears distant memories.
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Since we covered the spread this weekend, this week's edition of Music Monday is all about covers.
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daesean hamilton
It's natural to feel despondent after going through the emotional motions that accompany such a game. Over the course of just a few hours, you go through a roller-coaster that starts with pre-game excitement, leads to halftime depression, climbs towards overtime aspirations, and comes crashing down when the Buckeyes eke out a close one. Amid all of that doom and gloom does lie a very bright light at the end of this tunnel of football mediocrity.
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HUB green roof
We took a look at the HUB renovation project as construction slowly moves closer to completion.
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There are some things about Penn State football that are special, but not necessarily unique. Lots of schools have loud student sections -- even if we might have the loudest. Other schools might also do cool color stunts in the stands, like the Whiteout. However, Nittanyville and the passion behind its existence is something that is truly unique.
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Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.22.22 AM
Penn Staters nationwide flooded us with over 100 pictures of Penn State pets. After much deliberation and a good amount of "awww"-ing, we present you with the best of the best of Penn State pets.
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Mauti Northwestern
After a heartbreaking double-overtime loss against Ohio State last night, you're likely in need of a good Sunday pick-me-up. Enter Michael Mauti, the former Penn State linebacker we all know and love for carrying the Nittany Lions through the sanction era.
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Here at Onward State, we'd like you to be able to enjoy your Whiteout experience this weekend without being "that kid" while hopefully capturing the same energy level. Late starts are a beautiful thing. Being able to sleep in, starting to tailgate in the afternoon instead of early morning, and watching a game under the lights at Beaver Stadium is the basis for a perfect day in any Penn Stater's book.
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Eric Barron
Tailgating is a lifestyle. "I Tailgate With the Best" is one of the most popular Penn State-themed shirts, and every football Saturday includes tens of thousands of people using parking lots, intramural fields and fraternity yards to get smashed, grill, and of course compete. Here, we have for you the definitive power ranking of tailgate games.
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Eating cold pizza in the bowels of Lucas Oil Stadium
Our chances of winning this weekend are extremely slim, but it's still nice to make fun of our neighbors to the west from time to time. So without further adieu, here are the best tweets from #OhioStateHateWeek: