Big Ten Roundup

Get yourself a hot chocolate and sit down to enjoy some of the most interesting things we found on the internet this morning.

‘Saved by the Bell’ star Dustin Diamond will be speaking at Indiana University this weekend.

This article from the Daily Iowan has us all confused. It reports that Iowa City was named the world’s third literature city, joining Edinburgh, Scotland, and Melbourne. First of all, wouldn’t that make it the world’s fourth literature city? Second of all, Iowa? Really? Is the UN just trying to spite us at this point?

Who knew that the alcohol laws in Wisconsin were so liberal? The NYT has a very interesting story on it. We wonder if this effects the University of Wisconsin. Does anyone know?
Kottke picked up the wooly mammoth story. He links to the NYT story too. We could have our very own mammoth for as little as $10 million! Graham, if you’re listening, you know where to divert any income this year. The Department of Mammoth.

If we find anything else, we’ll put it up here. Enjoy your Friday!

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