1st Thirty to be Shown on Big Ten Network

Penn State Live is reporting that the 1st Thirty series (can we even call it a series?) will be shown on the Big Ten network in early December. Wondering what 1st Thirty is?

“1st Thirty” is the true story of four strangers, living together by chance, who have their life videotaped. A student camera crew from Penn State’s College of Communications worked with an outside multimedia production company to record about 85 hours of real-time events of four women students, identified only by their first names.

If you can’t wait for the Big Ten debut at 5:00 pm on December 5, you can watch all of the episodes at the 1st Thirty site.

You can also check out the bios of the four girls. We’ve posted the links below.

Lindsay is a journalism major who can “burp very well.”

Ainsley’s guilty pleasure is napping during the day even though she has work (that’s my guilty pleasure too! we’re totes soul mates!).

Alex’s favorite band is Incubus. I only mention that because the word incubus is interesting. It’s a beautiful male demon that seduces and preys on  girls. There’s also the female equivalent, a succubus, which does the same thing to males. What a digression!

Bianca would most like to meet Jay-Z, which I totally understand. HOVA is tops. (Did you know that HOVA is just a shortened version of Jehovah?)

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