Eau de Lion

The Cologne of Penn State

Just in time for the Holiday season, Masik, a company based in Harrisburg has filled a gap in the Penn

State merchandise market. Haven’t you always wanted to smell like State College? I know I have. Only, I imagined it would smell something like hot pizza and stale beer. Masik has a different olfactoric vision.

Their Penn State cologne was, “inspired by the Iconic Blue and White, the Grace of Old Main and the Loyalty of the Nittany Lion. Classic, Elegant and Passionate.”
The description of the cologne, and perfume, is inside.

Penn State for Men conveys a classic and refined style. The fragrance exudes Penn State blue and signifies masculinity, passion and honor. The fragrance opens with the freshness of Italian bergamot and chilled gimlet accord. The middle note combines the coolness of blue cypress with the subtle spice of cracked pepper vapor. The base notes end with a deep black amber and cool moss. A new classic for the proud Penn State man.

Interesting that, to Masik, Penn State reminds one of a drink that is four parts gin, one part lime juice. And WHAT is an Italian bergamot? It sounds a little fruity to me.

I won’t pass judgement on the scent until I smell it. Because, at this point, the only one who has smelt it is the one who has dealt it.

For the Lady Lions, don’t worry, Masik has not forgotten you. They are also selling a Penn State Women’s Perfume. I’m glad that they made sure to mention that the perfume was for women, I was about to order a bottle for my grandpa. He’s a big fan.

The bottle is the same, but the perfume’s fragrance is much more delicate.

Penn State for women is an elegant and timeless creation. Graceful and Pure – Inspired by the beauty of Old Main. The top notes glisten with an elegant sparkling cassis. The sensual middle notes consist of Moroccan rose and evening lilac. The fragrance concludes with a lovely oriental vanilla, amber and Tahitian tonka. A sheer, sparkling fragrance for the classic Penn State woman.

I’m curious to see how they created an odor for a Tahitian toy truck, but who knows.

Masik has eight locations in Pennsylvania where you can purchase their scents. The most convenient for the smelly undergrad is the Penn State Bookstore. You can also order online.

Additionally, if you’re into Abercrombie type photo shoots, take a look at their website. You won’t be disappointed.

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