Spanier Spurned by NYT

Sometimes the grey lady can be so cruel. In a recent article, based upon the Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual survey of college President compensation levels, the author neglected to mention that our own President Spanier recently announced a commitment to donate $700,000 to Penn State. The story was reported on Penn State Live and on Onward State.

The NYT article did mention that Amy Gutmann, the President of the University of Pennsylvania, donated $100,000 this fall. IvyGate reported Gutmann’s donation, as it should being a blog that focuses on the Ivies. But when our President totes outdid her, why’d we get the snub from the Times? Do they have Ivy fever?

Dear Prez, don’t worry about it. We noticed the love even if they didn’t. Maybe our local NYT reporter Mark Viera can do something about it. I suggest that he try to sneak it into the article he’ll probably write previewing Penn State’s participation in the Rose Bowl.

In any event, Dear Prez, take solace in the fact that they too are hurting this year.

Mea culpa: We originally titled this piece, NYT Spurned by Spanier. In time, Dear Prez, in time.

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