Month: December 2008

Paper Trail’s Annual College Media Contest

The Paper Trail blog at U.S. News & World Report has begun its annual Best in College Newspapers contest. The categories are Story of the Year, Nonstory of the Year, Newsmaker of the Year, and Best Alternative Media Outlet. Firstly, we were wondering… r we alternative enough? R we snarky enough? Should we be more […]

NYT Reports on USC’s Sour Grapes

The New York Times ran an annoying article yesterday about how USC really, really wishes it was going to play a better team in a BCS game other than the Rose Bowl. When a team ends its team meetings in training camp by chanting “Miami,” the host city of this season’s Bowl Championship Series title […]

Penn State’s First Rose Bowl

The LA Times has a neat article about Penn State’s first Rose Bowl appearance, which was incidentally against USC. That first squad left for California on December 19, 1922, and was led by Hugo Bezdek. Heading into the Rose Bowl, they were 6-4-1 (ties were still allowed back then). “They wanted to make it an […]

Overheard on Twitter

Twitter is buzzing with Penn State mentions. Here are some of the ones we liked best.

(Go West) Sun in wintertime

Harrisburg International Airport was busier than usual today as Penn State fans began their journeys westward for the Rose Bowl in Pasedena. Six of seven charter planes left today, according to The Patriot News. The increased business has slightly cushioned the airport from what will still be a poor year financially. Without the Penn State […]

Collegian Camera Gear

At heart, I’m really more of a Gizmodo than a Gawker, so this story really got me going. Nathan Smith, Photo Editor emeritus, is handling the photography at the Rose Bowl for the Collegian. He posted a brief entry on the Exposure blog about the equipment he would be taking out to Pasedena. I brought […]

How Spanier Spends His Holidays

Graham Spanier posted an assortment of brief movie reviews this weekend on Penn State Live— 17 reviews in total. Spanier says that he reviewed fewer movies this year because of the short amount of time between graduation ceremonies and Christmas. Indeed, with graduation on the 20 and Christmas on the 25, Spanier had just five […]