Deer Fraternity,

We cannot tell for sure how much the Collegian writer exaggerated in the lede of today’s article about Delta Theta Sigma’s upcoming hunting season.

For members of the Delta Theta Sigma fraternity, today is not only an enjoyable holiday, but a matter of survival.

But, nonetheless, we were fascinated by it. Yesterday we reported that State College was more expensive than Pittsburgh, but I bet that no fraternities at Pitt have to hunt for their sustenance.

We have more after the jump.

Deer season is open for just a few weeks, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commision. And, according to Joe Stoner, at least some of the fraternity’s brothers will be going out each day of the season. The reporter also spoke with Kyle Feldman, a senior brother in the house.

Feldman and Stoner said that Delta Theta Sigma would have to stock their kitchen with enough meat to last them through the winter. (These are the kinds of stories you’d only find at a land-grant university, I think.)

The fraternity has three freezers in its house where the members store meat. Upon killing a deer, the fraternity members will bring the animal into the kitchen onto a butchering table. Feldman said they grind up the meat to be stored as ground beef for burgers or use it for loins or roasts.

Sounds delicious. But do the brothers enjoy all the killing? A quick estimate, based on Stoner’s estimate that they would bring back five deer today, shows that over a two-week period Delta Theta Sigma could possibly bring in 70 deer! They probably have a profound sense of man vs. wild, right? A feeling of being in touch with nature?

“There’s nothing more enjoyable than going out and climbing up a tree and sitting there or sitting up against a tree,” Feldman said. “It’s a lot of fun, it’s a blast.”

Feldman also noted, “today is most everybody’s favorite time of the year.”

Well, at least their honest. I wonder how the Penn State Vegetarian Society views the story. If any of its members are reading, send us an email!

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