John Legend Rocks BJC

Making his way through the audience to the stage, John Legend grabbed the crowd’s attention and only reliquished it after his soulful hour and a half set. Rapt eyes followed him from one side of the stage to the other as he belted out such hits as “Green Light” and “If You’re Out There” off his new album Evolver. Mr. Legend, the Grammy Award winning performer, brought the house down when he came back on for an encore and played “Ordinary People“, the popular slow song off his first album, Get Lifted.

During breaks in the music, Legend talked about how, with finals coming up and the economy tanking, people just needed love. The crowd screamed in agreement. At one point, Mr. Legend brought a woman from the audience on stage to dance with him, giving her a rose at the end of the song. Towards the end of the set, he mentioned how he was from Ohio and liked the Buckeyes. A chorus of good-natured boos rained down on him. Soldiering on, Legend said that the crowd made him “feel like a Nittany Lion tonight.” Nevertheless, he could not bring himself to support Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Before he ended the show, Legend asked the audience to support his charity project, the Show Me Campaign, that helps a village in Tanzania. He is quite the entertainer and his fans at Bryce Jordan were sad to see him go.

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