Ticket Sale Prompts Police Intervention

Oh, Penn State – is our rural valley student community simply looking for more street cred?

The student body has had a few run-ins with the law lately – between Girl Talk concerts and post-game celebrations, it’s easy to see who the 5-0 has to be disappointed with lately. University Park’s struggle against “The Man” continued in Rose Bowl ticket sales Saturday:

An “unruly” crowd of hundreds of students lined up outside the Bryce Jordan Center to buy about 2,000 Rose Bowl tickets this morning, overwhelming staff and prompting a call to Penn State Police for assistance.

Before those of you start using the one-armed man defense, this could just be a case of a poorly planned system mixed with the right amount of mob mentality. In fact – some students turned out to be victims:

T.J. Dolan (junior-secondary education-social studies), who camps out at Paternoville, was among the students in line this morning who were unsatisfied with the sale procedure.

“It was completely unsafe,” Dolan said. “I can’t believe they actually thought this would work. I can’t believe more people didn’t get hurt.”

Nick Rotondi (junior-film), who was also at the Bryce Jordan Center to get tickets, found himself caught in the crowd when just one door was opened to let a crowd of hundreds of students inside.

“My hand got wedged between the metal and the other person,” he said about being pushed inside. “I was inside, [but my] hand was outside.”

Am I the only one who wanted the Collegian to let us know if Rotondi even got a ticket?

The story even got picked up by U.S. News & World Report’s college blog.

[Source: The Daily Collegian]

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