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Day: December 15, 2008

Mr. Spanier Goes to Washington

NOT! President-Elect (officially) Obama chose his friend Arne Duncan, Chief of the Chicago Public Schools to be the next Education Secretary (Cronyism anyone?). With that, Spanier will remain in State College for the foreseeable future. Mr. Obama plans to announce his nomination of Mr. Duncan tomorrow in Chicago, according to Democratic sources speaking on the […]

Ticket Sale Prompts Police Intervention

Oh, Penn State – is our rural valley student community simply looking for more street cred? The student body has had a few run-ins with the law lately – between Girl Talk concerts and post-game celebrations, it’s easy to see who the 5-0 has to be disappointed with lately. University Park’s struggle against “The Man” […]

Extended Hours and Free Coffee in the Libs

The library is offering free coffee in its all-hours study area for finals week. According to Penn State Live, Last semester, students consumed 150 gallons of free coffee during extended hours, compared with 24 gallons on a normal week. The coffee will be served in 100% compostable cups, made from corn and sustainably harvested trees. […]

Universities Ask Obama For $$$

On Friday, the Association of American Universities, of which Penn State is a member, sent a letter to President-elect Obama recommending six actions his administration should take to, “help college students and universities weather the economic downturn and boost the nation’s economic recovery.” The six recommended actions are: Ensure access to a college education through […]

Blue Band Tubas Take NYC

We’re fans of names with exclamation points (‘Giraffes? Giraffes!’). For a similar reason, we also like names that have only capital letters, because you have to shout them. That’s why TUBACHRISTMAS, an annually held concert that celebrates Christmas with tubas, is so exciting. TUBACHRISTMAS! And it’s in New York! NEW YORK! Penn State Live further […]

Rose Bowl Predictions: Facebook

We’ve spent the weekend analyzing ways to predict who the victor will be on January 1, when Penn State and USC compete at the Rose Bowl. We’re going to come at you this week with some of the most advanced statistical analysis this side of the Rockies (who knew Stanford had the best statistics program […]

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