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Simmons Dining Hall, according to its managers, will not be closing for next term. However, it will probably close sometime in the next few years and be converted into dorm rooms in the same way that the McElwain Dining Hall was.

Sarah just posted the following comment:

My fairly knowledgeable source hasn’t heard anything along those lines. McElwain closed and was replaced by residential rooms, but it wasn’t planned for Simmons to do the same – it became a healthy dining option and his impression is that it has been successful. For a definitive answer, you should contact Lisa Wandel, Director of Residential Dining.

We’ll follow up with Lisa Wandel and let you know. Simmons has good food, better than Redifer and Pollock, so I certainly hope the rumor’s false.

We just heard that Simmons Dining Hall is closing after this semester. If you have more information, let us know.

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