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Today’s post takes us to the Hetzel Union Building – better known as the “HUB” – to further explore Penn State fashions.  The examples vary and reveal concepts as different as the people wearing them.  Here are only a few of the near limitless images one can see while spending a day inside the halls of this cultural centerpiece.

Fine Suiting

Bless the man who understands the power of a tailored suit.  I would hire this finance major any day.  His attention to detail says to me that while he understands the same theory as everyone else in his field, he sets himself apart by knowing how to nail the execution.  GQ bound, indeed.


This group was easily one of my favorites.  Their look can be summed up simply as “classic”.  A “timeless, All-American look” would be my assessment.  There are so many of fashion’s “greatest hits” (Sperry Topsiders, a zip collar sweater, and a double-breasted pea coat to name a few) that it would be impossible to deny this look.  Absolutely flawless.


Strong indie.  The headphones and iPod add a nice touch.  They let you know that Meredith not only dresses hip, but has the lifestyle to go along with it.


Last on the agenda is Paige, who gives us a stunning display of what a mashup of colors and patterns can do for an outfit.  There are so many layers and different accent points that it’s impossible not to notice her.  Her shoes (the make or break point of many outfits) sell it for me in the end.  Kudos.

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