And was that really the best headline?

news-front-1news-frontAs part of its coverage of Hope Fest 2009, the Collegian ran a feature about how the Penn State black community responded to Obama’s inauguration.

The article was good, but by placing that article above the fold and the article about the entire Penn State community’s response to the inauguration below the fold, the Collegian implicitly made a decision that the former story was more important than the latter story.

I don’t agree with that decision. Indeed, yesterday should have been about unity– about the entire nation coming together to celebrate a new era.

It’s a small point, but I’d be interested to hear what all of you think.

UPDATE: Mark raised a good point in the comments. Headlines in print are more difficult to write than headlines on the web due to space constraints. Moreover, blacks is preferred to African-Americans according to the AP Style Guide. Still, the Collegian’s implicit ranking of importance was less than ideal.

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