Life’s More Fun at Penn State Schuylkill

40-caliber-semi25-caliber-automaticTwo students at Penn State Schuylkill were arrested last week for running a small drug operation from their dorm room (small only in the grand layout of the drug world, to be sure). The article doesn’t say it explicitly, but I think the two students are brothers too– at least they share the same last name.

The police found seven bags containing large amounts of marijuana (about $4000 worth) and a handful of Adderall. They also found a loaded .25 caliber automatic handgun and a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun with a destroyed serial number.

The Lehigh Valley With Love Tumblr (so hipster) wrote,

I have to point out, before someone else does, that they ARE from Philadelphia. Fun times. But, holy fuck, this was not some small operation. Anything crime operation that inculdes a LOADED hangun that has a scratched out serial number is a pretty fucking big deal.

Where was this again? Penn State Schuylkill? Really? Well, at least it’s not just those pesky inner-city colleges anymore.

[The Morning Call via Lehigh Valley with Love]

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