Day: February 1, 2009

Men’s Basketball Defeats No. 9 Michigan State

The Men’s Basketball team had a great win this afternoon against Michigan State, which was ranked 9th before the game. You can find the full recap here, but we wanted to share this quote with you. “I guess we made history, huh? Coach mentioned that we hadn’t won here. But I wasn’t on those other […]

Rendell Wants More Aid, But Not For Us

Governor Rendell wants to pump $128 million into financial aid for students going to schools in the state system and community colleges. Students whose family income is less than $100,000 would be eligible for up to $7,600 for tuition, books, fees and room and board when they enter the 14 State System of Higher Education […]

The Natty Nittany

For our latest feature post, The Natty Nittany traveled to the CO-OP House to do a case study in style.  If you’re not familiar with the CO-OP House, check out this review from Fall semester to get yourself up to speed. The gallery below was collected this past Friday night and features a variety of […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

As a hard core Steelers fan who was raised in Delaware County, I have been in a difficult position for the past decade. I love Philadelphia, and I genuinely enjoy seeing the Eagles (outside of the quad-annual matchup with the Steelers) win games. Of course, I’m very quiet about this. Birds fans don’t take kindly […]