New State Budget Finds PSU in Same Position

Rendell Cabinet Questions

Governor Rendell’s proposed 2009 budget is out and Penn State appears to be getting its appropriation cut by almost $21 million.The Penn State Live article posted today says:

The $318 million proposed direct Penn State appropriation is a $20.3 million cut from the original 2008-09 appropriation of $338.4 million.  In addition, medical assistance funds provided to the Hershey Medical Center is anticipated to be reduced by approximately $900,000. This overall proposed Penn State funding level is less than the original University appropriation in 2001.

Less than in 2001? Oy.

But is this really as big a deal as PSL is making it out to be? Veblen, over at Left of Centre, says no.

I wanted to note that Penn State did not take a big hit in the proposed budget. The legislature appropriated $338 million for the University last year, but a little more than $20 million was taken back in a  mid-year rescission. The Governor is proposing $318 million for next year which is the end amount the University received this year. This is not  as bad as it could have been.

Oh. Ok. So, if the Gov has his way, next year we’ll be in the exact same position as we are right now. It’s bad, but it could always be worse.

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