RIP Juicy Campus… 2k7 to 2k9

Juicy Campus has suffered the same fate as Circuit City and Lehman Brothers. Its founder, Matt Ivester, sent out a press release saying that the site would be shutting down because its revenue stream had dried up.

The press release was a kind of eulogy too. Said Ivester,

While there are parts of JuicyCampus that none of us will miss – the mean-spirited posts and personal attacks – it has also been a place for the fun, lighthearted gossip of college life. I hope that is how it is remembered.

That’s some wishful thinking. Let’s look at some Penn State posts to see why.




We went through five pages of posts to find just three that weren’t too vulgar to post on Onward State. If Juicy Campus is lucky, it will be remembered for posts like these. However, the vicious and mean posts are more likely is legacy.

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