Maybe You’re Better Off With Normal Water?


Student-Athletes, or any athletes for that matter, are always looking for ways to stay hydrated. For many, Vitamin Water is the beverage of choice. Unfortunately for varsity athletes with a Vitamin Water jones, the NCAA has banned six flavors of the drink because they contain stimulants. Specifically, the flavors either contain caffeine or taurine, the active ingredient in Red Bull. Additionally, the flavor “Balance,” contains Glucosamine which can be used to heal joints and “Vital-T” has chemicals found in rooibos tea.

The NCAA bans caffeine because it is found to be a performance enhancer, and because of concern about the effects of stimulant use during intense exercise.”

Caffeine is banned only above a level of 15 micrograms per milliliter, according to the NCAA, a mark that can be avoided with most moderate diets.

The banned flavors are: power-c dragonfruit, energy tropical citrus, b-relaxed jackfruit-guava, rescue green tea, balance cran-grapefruit, and vital-t lemon tea-rooibos.

So, while you might not be on ‘roids, you still might be in violation of NCAA policy.

While you ponder your possible violations, check out this Vitamin Water commercial with David Ortiz and Brian Urlacher:

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