Last Night’s Party

In the latest installment of Last Night’s Party, Onward State correspondents traveled away from downtown State College and into the wild of north campus to attend the Atlas Soundtrack’s “Blow Out Your Speakers House Party”.  We were in for a treat.

For those of you unfamiliar with Atlas Soundtrack, this hip-hop reggae septet may be the best local band.  Period.  I was blown away by their entire show.  Their grooves are way tight and their completely original catalog spawned the best dance party I’ve been to post-Girl Talk.  They’re Thursday regulars at Zeno’s and this week they’re opening for Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad – something that the band and fans are equally stoked about.

The group (and some friends) all live in a house on Park Avenue that features some of the most hip decor in State College.  See the photo gallery below to get a better idea.  They hosted a few other musicians who performed in similar styles between their set break, all of which did phenomenal jobs of keeping the party moving while the MCs took a break.

Sponsored by Jamaica Junction, it proved to be one of the most friendly and jovial events I’ve attended on campus.  By associating a great party with their music, it’s no surprise that I may be an Atlas Soundtrack fan for life.  Great marketing, boys.  It was a night for the record books, as our correspondents agreed posthumous.

Upon leaving, the group decided to meander back down to College Ave. to grab some food before we called it a night.  At the local McDonald’s, we were greeted by an angry (and highly intoxicated) mob.  When we left around 3:00 am, the store was in shambles.  To those of you who finally tamed the hordes of hungry students – I salute you.

Click the mic below for a “first person” account of this entire adventure.


Have a safe (and killer) Saturday, Penn State.

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