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THON 2009 Live Blog: Part III

We start a third post to conclude the final day of THON…

8:51… Sorry it took so long, we had to work out a little problem with our FTP server. Here’s the final slideshow.

5:04… Give us a little bit and we’ll have the bakers dozen complete.


4:15… Total: $7,490,133.87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:12… Top Frat/Sorority Pair Fundraiser: ATO/ZTA

4:11… Top Independent Fundraiser: Atlas THON

4:10… Top Commonwealth Fundraiser: Penn State Fayette

4:09… They’re informing everyone about the top fundraisers.

4:08… Pieces of paper are laid out on stage!

4:07… Raffle winners for Jonas Brothers Tickets and Backstage Passes: Danielle James

4:06… Raffle winners for the 2009 Suzuki SX4 Crossover: Chad Fisher!

4:05… Raffle winners for the Cruise to Bermuda: Eric Fung

4:04… Raffle winners for Dell E4300 Latitude Dell Laptop: Mary Jane Fisher

4:03… Raffle winners for the Dell Laptop: Maureen Serie

4:02… “FTK FTK FTK FTK FTK!!!!”

4:01… Then they stand up again.

4:01… Ah, NOW! The sitting down begins…

4:00… THON is over?

3:56… The Final Line Dance?

3:52… “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”… The Hawaiian version, dedicated to Christopher Millard

3:48… “My Love is Your Love”

3:47…”We laughed, cried, sang, danced. We did it all For The Kids”

3:43… THON Video Slideshow

3:40… “We Like, We Like to Party” Reminds me of Six Flags

3:39… Breakdancing is “breaking” out. Nittany Lion sighting.

3:38… “Just Dance… It’s Gonna Be Okay”

3:34… And this makes a dozen slideshows.

3:31.01… Swaying Begins…

3:31… “Let It Be”- Dedicated to “all the students”

3:30… The Sailing Club has signs that look like semaphores. Very cool.

3:27… “Zombie Nation” WE ARE PENN STATE!

3:23… 90’s Music Abounds

3:23… “Go State, Beat Cancer!”

3:20… Remember when the Joker sang this in The Dark Knight??? Remember when Heath Ledger sang this in 10 Things I Hate About You?

3:17… “Hey Baby”

3:11… Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer” music video= Crowd Sing along

3:08… Celebration of Jillian Siegel

3:01… The final line dance.

3:00… ONE HOUR LEFT. I’m mesmerized by the hand gestures of the various groups.

2:57… JR & Natalie leave the stage. The 90’s Marathon continues.

2:54… “Don’t Stop Believin'”

2:52… According to Aubrey of Collegian fame:


Onward State’s Steve confirmed that rumor.


And here’s a picture taken by Penn State’s superstar of social networks, Micala.


2:46… “Sweet Caroline”… THON child Dylan rocks out on inflatable hammer to much applause

2:44… There is a streamer getting passed along the row in front of us. What is afoot?

2:37… “Stand By Me”: Another crowd favorite

2:28… “Killing Me Softly” a la The Fugees. The crowd sings along.

2:27… “How’s everybody doing? We came all the way from State College to be here tonight.”

2:25… The Wave starts spontaneously

2:24… JR & Natalie take the stage… Country feel…

2:22… Another band is setting up.

2:20… “Every Time We Touch” is EPIC!!!!

2:14… The Numa Numa song is playing. All the Greek letters are being held up. I spot Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Kappa, Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Tao Omega and Zeta, wow. Just wow. And of course the tri-Delts are right in front of us.

2:08… Singing along to ‘Angels Among Us’ by Alabama.

2:07… Eleventh slideshow:

1:57… THON Celebration of Life Video. The crowd is embracing each other and swaying.

1:48… ‘We Are… Penn State’ cheer going on right now. JoePa did a few back and forths.

1:47… “God bless every single one of you,” followed by an incomprehensible “gyeah!”

1:46… “In 58 years at Penn State, I’ve never been more proud than right now.”

1:45… “I wish the whole world could see and feel what’s in this room right now. Love and passion and dedication– it just reeks from this room.”

1:45… JoePa’s hugging the kids, and there’s a ‘Joe Paterno’ cheer going on.

1:44… Joe Paterno has taken the stage.

1:43… The stage is filling up with families and the floor is packed.

1:34… Heard the doors to the BJC are being locked. This is the final countdown.

1:33… AWE. After his mom talked about how Four Diamonds saved his life, the boy took the mic and began singing “I like to move it, move it.”

1:30… Heard some dancers passed out

1:10… Here’s the live-stream. If you’re not here, it’s definitely worth streaming.
Free Webcam Chat at Ustream

1:07… Family Hour. These are the stories that make THON.

1:05… There are 220 Four Diamonds families here this weekend. David pointed out that Rules and Regs has formed a pretty substantial human barrier around the stage to give the families room to stand.

1:01… This is another cancer survivor’s 15th THON.

12:58… ‘Where Are They Now’ slideshow playing right now. One of the girls has attended 11 THONS and organized 3 mini-THONs at her high school. That’s remarkable.

12:54… This is a little embarrassing, but after almost 48 hours of covering THON, I still don’t know how to do the 09 line-dance well enough.

12:40… ‘D to the A N C E R S’

12:40… Here’s the 2007 line-dance, for real.

12:39… Did we just get faked out?

12:38… 2007 line-dance. I like this one a lot.

12:36… You mean we don’t get to hear Larry say “Hold it… Hold it… Hold it…” every year?

12:35… Cool Runnings reference in the 2006 line-dance.

12:33… 2006 line-dance. Zombie Nation opening.

12:30… ‘Facebook Me’ made the 2005 line-dance. We haven’t changed much.

12:28… Recipe for a line-dance: take 1 part hope and 1 part cheap pop-culture references; add movement; and stir.

12:27… This is definitely the High School Musical version of the line-dance.

12:25… “Napster’s back.” Update: no it’s not, and neither is Ruckus. RIP Legal Music 2k4-2k9.

12:25… ‘To the bleachers…. to the wall…”

12:24… So far I like ours better.

12:23… The 2004 line-dance!

12:20… Total Eclipse of the Heart Remix.

12:20… Collegian posted a set-list for Go Go Gadjet.

12:17… The step team is doing a performance.

12:14… And he’s doing it again.

12:13… Alex Cadmus, from Springfield, just did the Single Ladies dance.

12:11… ‘All the Single Ladies’ is blowing up the BJC.

12:01… Go Go Gadget leaves the stage. They will be playing at the Fyrst on Wednesday night. They leave the stage with a cover of “Zombie Nation”. Everyone goes nuts!

11:58… The band starts jumping and going wild for their Fall Out Boy cover. The crowd is so into it that they don’t even need to sing! They surely are “going down swinging”.

11:56… A trumpet comes out for a “Jump On It” cover! Dance circles start forming in the crowd.

11:54… “Just The Way You Are”. Seamless transition.

11:52… The rest of the band comes in to support the singer’s endeavors. Results: Successful.

11:51… The band takes a break as the lead singer dances and pumps up the crowd with “I Like To Move It (Move It)” in the background. And now he is rapping along with it! What can’t this man do?

11:47… A Lenny Kravitz cover. Would it be too much to ask for “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors?

11:46… Rhythm guitarist seems to be there just for show. He has played a grand total of two chords in the last minute.

11:44… “Basket Case” by Green Day. Reminds me of the days when Green Day was the pinnacle of pop-punk. Another stellar use of the Canon in D chords.

11:41… A Madonna cover. Go Go Gadget is really covering as many bases as they can. Maybe we can get some technical death metal-core soon?

11:35… The lead singer has said “y’all” at least 3 times so far. Now an N*SYNC cover. Always a safe choice for a performance.

11:34… “Johnny B. Goode”! Someone call Marty McFly!

11:32… Go Go Gadget managed to incorporate “Hey Baby” into their version of “Song 2”, thoroughly pumping up the crowd. Now some Elvis!

11:30… “Song 2” by Blur??? A very familiar song for fans of Penn State football. “Woo Hoo!”

11:29… A “Shake It” cover. These covers are getting the dancers and supporters in the stands moving, that is without a doubt.

11:25… “What’s My Age Again?” cover gets the BJC on their feet. Good marketing considering the recent reunion?

11:22… Guitar player recalls the 80’s with some shredding and hair metal influenced lead licks.

11:21… Keyboard player is ‘throwing up the horns’ while playing to show how hardcore he is. Transition into Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out” cover.

11:18… A “Let It Rock” cover. Cheesy synth included.

11:17… The bassist is not using a pick. I know everyone was dying to know.

11:15… The band “Go Go Gadget” officially starts with a cover of “Fat Lip” by Sum 41. Reminds me of middle school.

11:06… “Superstition” a la Stevie Wonder plays overhead. I feel like this band may be the polar opposite of Stevie Wonder.

11:05… A band takes the stage. I wonder if the bassist will use a pick

11:03… Cupid Shuffle comes on again. Are line dances the only thing keeping the dancers from going insane? We shall see

11:01… Five Dollar Footlongs commercial for Subway introduces another meal for the dancers. I wonder what time they think it is…

10:58… Setup begins for another band. Wonder who it’ll be…

10:50… Line dance anyone?

10:47… Dancers groove to “Car Wash”. Probably the closest any of them have come to a shower since Friday.

10:45… Aerobics ends at last. The dancers must have Thunder Thighs after all this intense stretching.

10:41… These aerobics could really use more Jock Jams. In fact, THON in general needs more Jock Jams.

10:38… More aerobics for the undeniably exhausted dancers.

10:34… Outkast’s “Hey Ya'” gets the BJC awake for the last leg of THON.

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