Cold weather hampers atheists’ efforts

Atheism LogoWhile they don’t believe in a deity, so they couldn’t pray for warmer weather, the members of the Penn State Atheists/Agnostics Association sure could have used some. They held their “Ask an Atheist” event in yesterday’s frigid, windy weather with mixed results. In the Collegian article about the event, President Dan Farbowitz said:

“We’re being hindered by the fact that people don’t want to stay around for one question. It’s too cold.”

In all, twenty people had queries answered at the event, held at the Allen Street Gates. People who asked questions, whether or not they believed in a God, were generally satisfied with the answers they received.

While the issue of belief in God can be extremely divisive, no rude behavior was directed toward the group during the event. Just in case though, they had a sign ready that said, “Would Jesus flip us off?”

I certainly hope not. But, then again, I don’t know the guy.

If you didn’t get a chance to swing by the Gates yesterday, the group hopes to hold another “Ask an Atheist” later this semester.

[Source: The Daily Collegian]


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