Rumor: THON on NBC’s Today Show?

UPDATE 3-6-09: You can look at our photo galleries from THON here.

UPDATE 3-3-09: You can watch the video in our update story.

I just received a text message from a couple friends about possible coverage of THON on the Today Show.  Here is the message:

FWD: THON is going to be featured TOMORROW MORNING THIS MORNING on the Today Show at 8:20!  Tune in and watch, and spread the word! (I hope this is true!!)

Honestly, I don’t know if this is true.  If you are going to be awake at 8:20 AM, it might be worth it to tune in.  It wouldn’t suprise me if THON was featured on a major TV network news show.  If a segment on THON does actually air, I’ll try to find a YouTube clip or something.

P.S. If this is a hoax, don’t come to me complaining about false information.  This is a rumor!

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