SRA Club’s Counter-Terrorism Panel

If you’re interested in how terrorists are making use of technology to carry out their illicit activities, you’re in luck.

On Wednesday, April 7th at 8:00 pm the Security & Risk Analysis Club will host its bi-yearly Counter-Terrorism Panel. The event, held in IST’s Cybertorium (113 IST), will bring together experts in terrorism from across the University.

This semester’s Counter-Terrorism Panel will shift its focus to “Technology Enabled Terrorism.”   The three panelists, Col. Jacob Graham, Dr. Peter Forster, and PhD Candidate Kurt Braddock, will discuss topics such as terrorist use of social media, impacts of the changing technological landscape, and what can be expected for the future in the realm of technology enabled terrorism.

An audience question & answer session will be held after the moderated discussion. Those of you who cannot make the event should be sure to follow SRA Club on Twitter for live updates.

[SRA Club Website]

[SRA Club Twitter Page]

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