We have finally done it. Tonight, we have reached a total of 500 comments in just a little bit more than three months. The comment came in the response to the Collegian Nickelback review that I wrote many moons ago.

contrary to your opinion, i find this band really amazing. they’re fantastic!!! i love chad’s voice, it really rocks!! so what if their lyrics are juvenile? they’re just expressing themselves and their real life experiences and i think a lot of people can relate to that. there’s no point in being too analytical about music because it’s more about feelings and how it touches people’s hearts and i think nickelback has achieved that more than enough

This came from a man known as Edgar Mendoza, who, after further research, turns out to be the keyboardist for a band from the Phillippines called The Zoo. Who knows what he was doing looking at Onward State? Maybe he was drawn to our breaking THON 2010 coverage. Or maybe he just really loves Nickelback and is on a crusade to squelch all of the nay-sayers. Whatever the reason, thank you for reading our site and commenting, Mr. Mendoza. See you all for the 1000 comments celebration!

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