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10 Questions with Filmmaker John Ziegler

Love him or hate him, by now you've probably heard of the talk radio host turned documentary filmmaker John Ziegler. Over the past year, Ziegler has taken a special interest in the media coverage at Penn State, creating the website and the mini-movie "The Framing of Joe Paterno" aimed at exonerating the former coach. I was able to ask the iconoclast 10 questions about Penn State and dinosaurs.

What’s Up With the THON Overall and Nickelback?

Last month, Will Martin was named Overall Chairperson of THON 2013. This seemed like a pretty solid decision, as he was THON 2012's OPP Overall and seemed very enthusiastic about THON. After he was announced as the THON 2013 Overall, I went back and read Ryan Kristobak's profile on him. One part stuck out like a sore thumb. Find out which part after the jump.

Nickelback to Headline “Last Stop”

Mike Wallace, one of the students in charge of the UPUA's spring concert, sent a freshman intern to our offices this morning with a list of artists performing at Wallypalooza Last Call Last Stop.

Wallace explained to us why he choose Canada's pride and joy, Nickelback, to headline the event.

I know just how much Penn State enjoys Chad Kroeger.

After the jump: details on the "hip hop" headliner.

Collegian Nickelback Review: Too Generous?

The Daily Collegian reviewed the new Nickelback album, Dark Horse, in today’s edition of the paper. Now I had reviewed the same album about a week and a half ago, so it was a pleasure to see that someone on the Collegian staff shared my sentiments about Nickelback’s mediocrity and unoriginality. Until I read the […]

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