Real Penn State Heroes

In the same vein as those popular Bud Light radio commercials titled, “Real Men of Genius“, Onward State would like to thank those in the Penn State community that perform jobs that are either unappreciated, thankless, or unknown.

Not the actual Penn State SSSToday we salute you, Mr. Sidewalk Snow Sweeper.

(Mr. Sidewalk Snow Sweeper)

Driving a miniscule 4×4, you tell the snow who’s boss. “It’s really just water anyway,” you mutter as you shunt it to the side.


We know sometimes the going gets tough. Ice is no fun, but you keep pushing it off the sidewalk.

(Plow right through it!)

There’s no snow on my sneakers, thanks to your efforts.

(No waterproofing needed!)

Someone should knit you a hat to keep your ears warm.

(Or make you some cocoa!)

So today is your day, Mr. Sidewalk Snow Sweeper. ‘Cause without you, on snowy days, students probably wouldn’t go to class at all.

(Mr. Sidewalk Snow Sweeper!)

[Photo courtesy of Maclean Engineering]

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