Report: You Have About 150 Real Friends

logo_facebookA report has surfaced recently that you don’t have nearly as many friends as you think.  Of all of your Facebook friends, only about 150 can be classified as actual friends.  According to the study,

They usually consist of an inner circle of five “core” people and an additional layer of 10, he says. That makes 15 people – some will probably be family members – who are your central group and then outside that, there’s another 35 in the next circle and another 100 on the outside. And that’s one person’s social world.

The head of the study, Robin Dunbar explains that the people outside of the initial 150 people are more like acquaintances.  Most college student can attest that they have a lot of Facebook friends that they met in passing who they are incredibly likely to never see again.  When I read this story, I checked to see how many Facebook friends I had.  At first I was startled to find that I had over 700 friends.  I haven’t checked to see if the 150 friend estimate held true to my Facebook social network, but I’m sure it would be close. [source]

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