Collegian Snags Interview with Miss March Stars

The Collegian recently published an interview it conducted with Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, the creators of Miss March. You probably haven’t seen it yet, even if you’re a regular Collegian reader. It was posted on the infrequently visited Snap, Crack, Pop blog. That might be for the best, though. I have even less of an interest in seeing the movie after having read the interview.

The session was actually conducted on campus. It’s unfortunate that the guys had to visit during spring break, when the classrooms are empty. They would have really loved to see what a research university can offer. True academics. Just look at this bit from the Q&A.

Q: What was college like for you guys?
A: Cregger: It was pretty crazy. We lived in a pretty rowdy dorm. I was inebriated for most of the time. I was either in class or f***ed up somehow. It was fun. I didn’t learn anything, but college for me was worth it because I got to meet these guys and do something cool that came out of it.

Well, at least they realized what college is really about: meeting great people. That’s probably the most important thing in their lives…

Q: Do you miss [sitting in your apartment playing video games and doing nothing except getting drunk at night] right now?
A: Moore: We still get drunk at night. That’s my rock.
Cregger: Yeah, the drinking will never go away.


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