Hounding on a Grey America

The Collegian had an exceptional column in today’s paper. The piece, written by Alex Weisler, was a look at America through the lens of a Greyhound bus ride. It’s well worth a read.

With Greyhound, you don’t value the journey. It’s so clear that it’s all about the destination because, without the destination, you sure-as-hell wouldn’t put up with this awful of a trip.

America would do well to learn that lesson. We’re not going to glide, float or sail through to economic recovery.

We’re going to take the Greyhound.

Because you never want to take a Greyhound. You take a Greyhound because it’s cheaper, because you have to, because there’s no other choice. It’s never quicker, and it’s never fun.

But it’s how you get from where you are to where you need to be.

The Collegian should have more pieces like this. Weisler addressed a pretty profound issue through his personal experiences; he didn’t bloviate like the the Collegian columnists are apt to do. It’s not the columnists fault, though. It’s tough for one person to have an opinion every single week that is interesting enough to publish. I’d like to see the Collegian tap more of its writers– it has dozens to choose from. Here’s hoping they introduce a little variety.

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