Embezzlement: Harder than Facebook Games

The Collegian published a story late this afternoon about Tonya Sunday, a project manager in the College of Health and Human Development. You can find the story here.

She was charged today with a felony for embezzling close to $50,000 from the university. Sunday was purchasing office equipment using her university card and then selling the items on eBay. She also straight-up gave some of the purchases to her family members.

We looked her up on Facebook, and confirmed that the profile below belongs to her after we compared the picture to the one we found on a College of Health and Human Development website.


We then took a look at her newsfeed (oh, Mark Zuckerberg, how you help the blogger so), and were thrilled to find a pretty freakin’ ironic update.


Apparently, she didn’t master it well enough. (Also, looks like they didn’t snuff the rat too well either…)

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