Ma, Can You Pass the Pork?

We’re beginning to hear just how President Hope’s stimulus package is going to get State College going. C0ngressman Glenn Thompson is trying to brand the projects as his own, but Veblen pointed out a little inconsistency with that: Thompson actually voted against the omnibus bill.

Centre County will benefit from upgrades to Routes 26 and 64. There are two $2 million bundles of stimulus that is specifically targeted to State College.

The first will be used to start a number of shovel-ready projects; according to the Collegian, they are:

  • Upgrading the emergency response system
  • Refurbishing Fraser Road
  • Upgrading the Philipsburg sewer system
  • Establishing a mobile dental program

The second $2 million is being directed towards the College of Agricultural Science. The Collegian reports:

The money will be divided into five major projects, which include education for small farmers, improvements to farm practices and profitability, milk safety research and a partnership with the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania to assist farmers with sustainable farming practices.

I’m just hoping we get our tent city soon. Love camping!

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