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Last night I competed on Penn State’s premier game show, What’s That Fact? The show pits representatives from two student clubs against each other in a low-budget version of Jeopardy.  The competition last night was  Eco-Action vs. The Finance Club.

What's That Fact?8:08… Board the Red Link to Innovation Park with my teammate Brian

8:18… Arrive at Innovation Park, which apparently exists

8:21… In the building, but can’t find the correct suite

8:22… Use the restroom in frustration

8:26… Find the suite; the crew is writing our questions

8:27… A techie escorts us to a waiting room

8:35… Still waiting

8:41… Still waiting

8:48… Some friendly girls get us miked up

8:50… The opposing team enters to get miked as well; it’s the Finance Club!

8:51… I admire the style of their Livestrong bracelets

9:00… On the set!

9:10… We pull an early lead

9:20… The money men run away with the “Car Facts” category and snatch the lead

9:23… They’re buzzing in so fast!  Perhaps they play Gamecube

9:29… We’re back in the lead; just in time for low-budget Final Jeopardy

9:36… “Name three non-extinct flightless birds.”

  • Eco-Action:  penguin, ostrich, emu
  • Finance Club:  penguin, flamingo, baby birds

9:37… They wagered all their money and lost; talk about poor economic decisions

9:38… And it’s an Eco-Action victory!  Final score:  3,799 to 0

9:43… The crew thank and de-mike us

9:44… Brian and I collect our prizes (Penn State foam fingers) and leave the studio

9:52… Waiting for the bus…

10:20… The bus!  A great night

In a student organization and interested in competing?  The show is currently looking for new competitors.  Check out their webpage for additional info.

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