No More State Patty’s Day?

If the Man has its way. The Collegian‘s Shannon Simcox had an article in today’s paper with the headline: “Officials discourage holiday”.

…State College officials said they were not happy with the high levels of public drunkenness seen on State Patty’s Day. This year’s holiday totaled 311 calls to police, surpassing the 262 calls last year and topping the activity seen during both 2008’s Homecoming weekend and the 2008 Illinois football game weekend, according to police.

Mayor Bill Welch expressed his disgust at a State College Borough Council meeting earlier this month, calling State Patty’s Day a “drunkfest” and an “alcoholiday.”

So with State College firmly against the holiday (Alcoholiday has a nice ring to it), and with Safeguard Old State announcing they won’t sponsor the holiday in the future, can it survive on its own?


Capitalism is a pretty resilient thing and the bars that profit from this second St. Patty’s Day will not give it up easily. If a student doesn’t pick the date for next year’s State Patty’s Day, the bars will. Students will follow the green beer and continue to celebrate State Patty’s Day for the forseeable future.

Sorry, the Man. :-(

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